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I offer individual (one-on-one) online counselling sessions for adults who reside in British Columbia.  All sessions are currently facilitated by online video only.  

Online meeting

60-Minute One-on-One Video Counselling 

Individual counselling sessions are a chance for you to explore issues that are causing difficulty in your life. You'll uncover personal insights, and discover strategies of coping, healing, and thriving that work for you. 

Man on Mobile Phone

25-Minute Exploration Meeting

This free 25-minute video or telephone meeting is an opportunity for you to meet the counsellor, get a feel for good fit, and ask questions to help you decide if you'd like to engage in counselling therapy.  

When working with Tawny at A Beautiful Place Therapy, counselling  is tailored to each client's needs. Treatment methods range from simple strategies and solutions, to complex deep dives into your inner system to discover, reconnect, heal, and rebalance. 

All counselling offered is neurodiversity-affirming and trauma-informed

Areas of treatment focus include: 

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Neurodiversity Exploration and Challenges

  • Impact of Trauma

  • Identity and Roles

  • Self-Worth and Confidence

  • Life Transitions

  • Relationship Challenges

  • Stress Management

My counselling methods are influenced by the therapeutic modalities and fields of study discussed below. The impacts on individuals from their external environments are also recognized, such as the forces of capitalism, patriarchy, colonialism, and systemic oppression in our society and culture. 


Person Centered

Talk therapy based on the humanistic belief that people are inherently driven toward and have the capacity for growth and healing. The role of the counselor is to provide a nonjudgmental and genuine environment helpful in supporting honest self-exploration.



Focuses on concepts that are universally applicable to human existence including death, freedom, responsibility, and the meaning of life. When life feels pointless, existentialism addresses how a person can continue to exist and move forward.


Internal Family Systems

Approaches every person as a complex system of parts led by a core self. This therapy emphasizes that there are no 'bad' parts, and the goal of therapy is not to eliminate parts but instead to channel curiousity and compassion to help them find balance in non-extreme roles.



Neuroscience studies the nervous system and brain, how they are connected, and how they impact human behaviour.  My interest in this area has led to exploring concepts such as neuroplasticity, flow state, creativity, habit formation, memories and trauma, and integrating these ideas into the counselling process. 

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