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Tawny Beaulieu, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC) at A Beautiful Place Therapy Services, is a trauma-informed, neurodiversity-affirming therapist offering online individual counselling sessions for adults in British Columbia.  


Whatever has caused you to seek counselling may be overwhelming, complicated, and confusing. The good news is, you've already started to do the work. That’s how you arrived here!  Participating in counselling will support you in taking the next steps toward mental health and personal growth.  


If you want to access help to connect with your authentic self, explore life and relationship patterns, and develop new skills and strategies, you can start today by booking a free exploration meeting. 



My name is Tawny Beaulieu (they/them)

 I'm here, ready to support you. 

The work done in counselling is not theoretical to me; it's an everyday reality. In addition to being a skilled therapist with a huge passion for helping, I’m also a human being with lived experience in managing mental health challenges and navigating daily life as a neurodivergent person.  

I understand on a professional and personal level. You’ll feel this in my nonjudgmental, compassionate and curious way of being.

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